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Pedestiran X Aprime

Sunset in Hawaii

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APRIME - ECO-CAFE Crew Cushion Outdoor Socks 

Made from Coffee Grounds for Hiking, Trial Running, Climbing and Cycling

Sock Spotlight of the Day: Meet Sunset in Hawaii

Featuring a coral-colored sunset with bombastic palm trees, APRIME's Sunset in Hawaii socks are made using injection printing technology for colors and prints that POP. Created using 78 percent polyester (coffee fiber), these eco-friendly, feel-good socks bring party time to your feet. They also block UV rays, moisture and odors with the natural (chemical-free) superpowers of coffee!

[Eco-Friendly Material] A pair of socks that benefits our earth. Fabric made from recycled coffee grounds

[Colorful Pattern] Created by APRIME’s design team, using injection printing technology

[Composition] 78% Polyester (coffee fiber), 20% Rubber, 2% Spandex (Lycra)

Couple Set Discount Available (HKD $10 discount for 2 pairs)
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